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Ohio Construction Market Verticals We Serve:

  • Developers and Home Builders
  • Contractors with in-House Design Teams
  • Engineering Firms
  • Metal Fabricators
  • Building Material Suppliers
  • Specialist Manufacturers and Related Software for Truss, Framing and Cabinets

Staff We Provide:

  • Civil and Structural Engineers 
  • Drafting Professionals 
  • Project Administrators 
  • General Administration 
  • Bookkeepers 

Benefits of Working with inSource Global

  • Scale-Up Quickly 
  • No Set-Up Costs 
  • Fixed Monthly Fee Structure 
  • Save 50%+ Compared to Local Hires 
  • Staff You Can Develop and Grow With 
  • Training Support for Your Policies and Procedures 
  • Full-time Experienced American and Australian Engineers Provide Support and General Management

General Staff Services and Skills

  • BIM Renderings and Conversions 
  • AutoCAD and Rivet (plus other software) 
  • Virtual Tours (AR and VR) 
  • Take-Offs and Estimating 
  • Project Scheduling 
  • Cost Management 
  • Construction Documentation 
  • Product Submittals 

Our Ohio Construction Industry Managed Solutions and Services Include:

We provide staff who are experienced in the use of international design codes within all design disciplines and at all stages of the design process, utilizing most software design platforms, including BIM and 2D/3D AutoCAD. We have teams that specialize in:

  • Metal and Wood Truss and Wall Framing Systems
  • Concrete, Foundations, and Structures
  • Roadworks and Underground Utilities
  • Architecture
  • HVAC, Mechanical, Plumbing and Electrical
    …plus Value Engineering, Construction Documentation, and Workshop Drawings

Expand your Estimating Team and go after more projects by utilizing the inSource Global team to help you with:

  • Take-offs and preparing Bills of Materials
  • Tender Document Preparation and Compilation
  • Method Statement Preparation and Revision
  • Budgeting and Cost Planning
  • QA/QC and Safety Plan Updating
  • Sub-Contract Packaging

inSource Global also has a team dedicated to Project Administration and Accounting so you can delegate many of the mundane yet critical day-to-day tasks to us and free up your team to focus on more high level and money and/or time saving issues:

  • Contract Management
  • Schedule Updating and Maintenance
  • Progress Claim Preparation
  • Contract and Variation Claims and Submittals
  • Maintenance Manual Preparation and Updating
  • Bookkeeping
  • A/R and A/P Reconciliation
  • Project Closure Documentation

inSource Global also maintains a team to support the specialized work that Building Material Suppliers and Distributors must manage. Here again, we enable these companies to delegate time consuming day-to-day tasks to their in-house remote team while their own local team focuses more on higher level work that can directly impact the bottom line or help the company win more jobs:

  • Product Approval Documents and Submittals
  • Preparing, Sending, Following-up and Updating Quotation Requests to Suppliers
  • A/R, A/P and Payment Reconciliation
  • Invoice Detail and Receipt Verification, and Sending of Invoices
  • Purchase Order Entry and Reconciliation of PO’s to Packing Lists and Materials Received
  • B/L and AWB Data Entry and Freight Invoice Consolidation and Verification
  • Reconciliation of Quotes to Customer PO’s, POs to Suppliers, Supplier O/A’s and Related Verification and Processing
  • Shipment and/or Delivery Planning and Notification to Customers
  • Customer Service Issues and Return Claim Processing

How We Work

  • Listen to and understand your needs and requirements
  • Introduce a range of services capable of fitting those needs.
  • Discuss and review your business process(es) and how the staff from inSource Global can be integrated into your workflow.
  • Discuss steps for integration, communication protocols, and staff training.
  • Discuss our standard terms and conditions as well as your special requests or concerns
  • Onboard Planning
  • Schedule Interviews, as needed
  • Initial Payment
  • Staff Activation
  • Establish communication and document transfer platforms and protocols, review any data security issues, discuss any questions or concerns
  • Meet your new staff and review work policies, methodologies, and expectations
  • Begin training and work with your new team!
  • Our American and Australian engineering managers provide clients with “white glove” service and are involved with day-to-day communications during Onboarding until the inHouse Remote team is ready to engage directly.

More Info

inSource Global provides full-time general management of client staff who works out of our offices in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

We provide staff with a modern, clean, safe, and environmentally friendly working environment with comfortable furniture. We utilize up-to-date computers, operating software, air conditioning, and high-speed internet.

Our clients train and then work with the same staff every day, the same as they would with on-site or local remote full-time employees.

Our clients typically provide their Vietnam staff with their company e-mail addresses and provide staff access to their online file-sharing or other online corporate platforms.

As part of our ongoing service commitment to our clients, inSource Global provides weekly reports to briefly summarize the work assigned and work completed as well as any other pertinent issues to track progress and maintain open lines of communication.

inSource Global Info Sheet

1. Design

inSource Global Info Sheet

  1. Foundations and Retaining Walls
  2. Structures
    • Reinforced Concrete
    • Steel
    • Modular Buildings
  3. Wall Framing Systems
    • Steel
    • Wood
  4. Truss Systems
    • Steel
    • Wood
  5. Space Form Systems

2. Construction Services

  1. Design and Drawing Review for Temporary Works
    • Scaffolding and Form Works,
  2. Metal Fabrication Detailing
  3. Workshop / Onsite Detailing

3. Quality Survey / Estimating

  1. Bill of Quantity and Bill of Material Preparation
  2. Take-Offs
  3. Estimating / Estimating Support

4. Commercial Services

  1. Contract Work
    • Commercial Document Preparation and Review
  2. Commercial Reviews
    • Contract Payment Claims
    • Claim Preparation
  3. Quality Assurance Plans

5.  Administration

  1. Back Office General Paperwork
    • Data Entry and Processing
  2. Safety Document Preparation and Revision
  3. Product Submittal Documentation